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10-13-2004, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by espion
I am not even going to argue that becauseit is... jesus... Lidsrtom = 3 straight Norris trophies, 3 Stanley Cups, Most complete D in the world in the present (he had an off-year, I know). What the hell has Legwand accomplished? Is he gonna win 3 straight Art Ross trophies when he is done with his career? 3 Stanley Cups (and counting) too? Please. Legwand is an over-glorified 2nd line center.

well, now that you've proven what was already obvious...

You speak of Legwand getting "first power play unit time."

When was that? Because as far as I know...our first PP unit was Sullivan, Walker, Zidlicky, Timonen and one of Hall, Hartnell or Jeremy Stevenson. Trotz's power play focused around Sullivan behind the net, walker on the halfboard, timonen and zidlicky on the points and one of the big boys screening the net. Legwand was used sparingly on the PP, most of the time with Erat and Johansson, with Hamhuis and York on the points. Since you brought up "systems," allow me to explain something that any knowledgeable fan already knows...

First, go back and look at every center that has played for the Preds in the past 3 years(about the time that this system implemented itself, the beginning of the potent offensive d era in nashville) and you'll notice a disturbing trend...they put up ballsuck numbers while their wings flourish. you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to a most rudimentary knowledge of the game...why might that be? Because all of our centers "suck?", that's not it. Furthermore...the Delmores, Timonens, Zidlickys and yes, even Berehowskys all put up solid numbers, and not solely on the PP. Hm..were they scoring from the neutral zone? I doubt Timonen is behind the net....a place his dynamic vision makes him one of the most dangerous men in the league...who is covering his pale Nordic butt back on the blue line? Here's a hint...he was drafted number 2 overall in 98, and, according to you, doesn't have the offensive ability of a kid that has never and may never set foot on NHL ice. Did you guess Legwand? I knew you would! Now..apply that to Greg Johnson...Adam Hall(while playing center) and you'll notice a pattern. We have the benefit of having our most offensively gifted players in terms of passing be our defensemen...but the downside...someone's got to hang back and cover while they're perched behind the net or in the low slot. Trotz HIMSELF has admitted that if Legwand were on most other teams, he'd be setting the league on fire. If you dont' believe he's got the skills...dig up any Legwand breakway highlight...or his penalty shot. Watch him on any odd-man goal...and you'll see some "sick" moves for what they are. The kid is THE most offensively gifted Predator..maybe ever...and the team lives on dies on him. remember the 2002-03 series, when the Preds went on that insane run over their last half of the season...going from dead last to almost making the playoffs? Remember what crashed our hopes? Legwand going down. He does a lot more than your "point per game" figures show, and if you knew anything about the system implemented by Nashville, you'd realize that, and understand why guys like Modano, Naslund, Tkachuk, etc...have all talked about what a talent David Legwand really is. He does EVERYTHING, and he does it VERY well.


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