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Originally Posted by anderson9 View Post
As a Russian fan of hockey, i would appreciate information on the following. In the 60s end early 70s, Spartak Noscow used their patented offensive technique named "karusel" (roundabout") i.e. concerted circular player movement around the net with crisp drop passing that disoriented the opposing team and was beauty to watch. Any corresponding term for it in N American English? Is it a whirl/swirl/vortex etc? Thanks in advance.
Well, this so called "Roundabout" does sound like cycling. However, I saw this Russian team play in Houston against the Houston Aeros (WHA) back in 1976/77 and the Houston team got schooled, and so did I as I watched in the stands.

Today, I teach the same type of neutral zone cycling to my players with the use of old drag racing tires. I place five tires in the neutral zone to simulate players and then I have a forward line come out of the corner, drop pass the puck to the two defensemen and then have these three forwards cycle around the tires.

The defensemen must hit the wingers sticks through the tires....tape to tape! Once the pass is make, then all five rush up into the attacking zone for a shot.

If any one once the drill, PM me and I will get you a copy.

Head coach.

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