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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
You missed the enitre point but that's not surprising.

Talbot TRIED to inspire his team and add some life to the team but that's not what happened. Taking a beating DOES NOT inspire you. From the posts here I am certain that 90% of the posters here were writers for their school paper, not players on the field.
Wrong. Talbot DID inspire his team, and I didn't need to play team sports to know that. I just looked up what they said.

Daniel Carcillo gave the revved-up fans even more reason to cheer when he squared off against Talbot early in the second. Carcillo sent Talbot to the ice with a couple hard rights and the Flyers' bench and crowd went wild.

Perhaps that served as a wake-up call for the Penguins, however. They controlled the game the rest of the way.

"It seems like it's what got us going," Gonchar said.

In fact, in speaking with players, coaches and management types at practice Monday, every one of them some in private told me that Talbot's fight with Daniel Carcillo was critical to the abrupt swing in momentum.


But still ...

"For Max to put his body on the line like that, it got everybody off the bench," assistant coach Tom Fitzgerald said. "He fired me up. I know it meant a lot to his teammates. Some guys wear the cape different ways. For the coaching staff, I know Max had the cape for what he did."

I asked veteran winger Bill Guerin if he thought Talbot's tiff was the turning point.

"I know it was," Guerin said.

Did it change the team's energy?

"Not our energy as much as our attitude, like now we were going to do whatever it takes. Like we were ... "

A cornered animal?

"Yes," Guerin said, smiling.


"If I would have asked a guy like (Mike) Richards, or (Claude) Giroux or Briere, they probably wouldn't have fought," Talbot said, "so I went after a guy I knew would fight me."

What exactly, did Talbot say?

"I just said, 'You wanna fight?' He was like, 'Yeah? Yeah?' I was like, 'Yeah.' "


"I don't think we were playing terrible before (Talbot's fight)," Crosby said. "But there was something there that gave us a little more of a spark and motivated us, on that next shift, to respond."
Dan Bylsma:

Bill Guerin:

Marc-Andre Fleury:

Sergei Gonchar (who mentioned it before being asked):

Sidney Crosby:

Max Talbot:

I look forward to you trying to debunk direct quotes and video interviews from the players themselves.

Dare I say....I think they'd know better than we do.

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