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06-20-2009, 07:31 PM
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I pull my socks over my shinguards, then put on my skates. My tongue is a lil bit long on my XVI so I guess they are tongues out but I dont do it for a fad its the way my skate is, and some skates obviously dont have long tongues compared to others. Also I tie my skates as tight as I can and every eyelet for it to not cut off circulation except at the top of course, I tie those tight as possible since it wont cut off my circulation there. Shinguards come down just inside the top of my skate to where it doesnt affect my skates but it protects all that area. Ya I guess there are those people who do it for the fad but thats with anything, just remember, there are those with tongues out that dont do it on purpose thats how the skate is. I never understood tuckin the tongue in my shinguard, would just seem to get on my nerves but I would guess in the end its pretty much all preference.....also depending on how big your shinguards are too I guess.

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