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Originally Posted by nyrangers10 View Post
the only way i play good is if im relaxed and goofing around. hockey is suppossed to be fun. when i think about the game too much, i completely lose it on the ice, nothing goes my way. When i get into the locker room and just laugh and have fun with my teammates, everything comes together.

Trust me it works, just relax and realize that your playing hockey because you love the game, its not like your getting scouted by an NHL team, dont be afraid to be creative on the ice.

hope this helps
This is exactly right.

My best advice is ****can these regimented, up to the minute pre-game setups. You aren't a Boston Bruin, so just hydrate and stretch like you would before any exercise, relax, have fun and you'll be fine. Don't get down on yourself for making a mistake, you aren't going to wake up the next morning and find yourself on waivers.

As an aside, there's nothing I hate more than having a teammate or opponent who takes the game too seriously. Invariably they're always the ones taking the most penalties, talking smack, arguing with the officials, and my biggest pet peeve, acting like a head coach during practices.

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