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Originally Posted by paulster2626 View Post
Your routine sucks. Try this:

Start 30 mintues before the game
go to the bar and order a beer
check watch - should now be 25 minutes before
order another beer
pay and GTFO
get changed, and leave dressing room just as zamboni doors close
skate around a bit and play a great game.

Just remember - cold stretching is for dummies!

The clowns and I at work have found that those who have a couple pops before the game score more goals than those who do not. My theory is that it relaxes us. Others think there are special vitamins in beer.

Try it. Works for goalies, too!
Beer so didn't work for me last night!

Originally Posted by clefty View Post
This is exactly right.

My best advice is ****can these regimented, up to the minute pre-game setups. You aren't a Boston Bruin, so just hydrate and stretch like you would before any exercise, relax, have fun and you'll be fine. Don't get down on yourself for making a mistake, you aren't going to wake up the next morning and find yourself on waivers.

As an aside, there's nothing I hate more than having a teammate or opponent who takes the game too seriously. Invariably they're always the ones taking the most penalties, talking smack, arguing with the officials, and my biggest pet peeve, acting like a head coach during practices.
Totally agree. Just chill out before hand. Getting too hyped is the enemy, IMO.

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