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06-21-2009, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Actually, they would have to work out a deal with Florida first...or it would be tampering.
True, and I would assume that the Agent was speaking of no teams approaching the Panthers... who would then relay the request information to him for response.

My take on Homer PC last week was that he alluded to the Flyers 'knowing' that Kimmo, Hartnell and to a lesser extent, Biron had strong interest/desire to play here... He stopped basically in mid-sentence in saying just that -- no need to flaunt a loose tampering skirting, thus drawing future closer scrutiny.

Homer flat out stated that it is foolish to pay for what can be obtained for free... laughing in saying so... The Media for some odd reason went with it as if Homer was saying that that was a good way to go, and that the Flyers may go that route -- was I so off base to see it the complete opposite way as I listened?

... Tampering is something that is not looked at very tightly... Homer's request to shut off the mics did not preclude his continuation when they kept running. GMs are often asked questions that they should not respond to when an exact name is mentioned; they often say that they would or would not be interested, even though the Rights to said player(s) are held until 7/1.

It is all a game and, unless things go over the line and becomes blatant... to a point where they obtain unfair advantage over other organizations, I see no problem whatsoever... When and if a team is shortchanged, the organization should be punished in a proper fashion... IMO.

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