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06-21-2009, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by XxLidstromxX View Post
I'm 6'2, but I have seen people who weigh 210 using 87 and they say it's really good. So I wanted more opinions
If you cut your stick you add flex to a higher number just by doing so.

If you are not going to cut your stick shaft shorter your flex technically should be half of your body weight. That has been the standard since flexes have been made for players.

Some guys have a lower flex but they are good players who do it for a reason like an Ovechkin for example. You'll also notice he breaks a lot of sticks.

I use a 100 flex at the least, if I used an 87 flex the shots I take would feel too whippy and the stick would actually have a wiggle after shooting in the recoil aspect of the shot.

If I were to use a stick with too low a flex I would break the stick more than if I had the correct flex.

You see a lot of people out there do not understand stick flexes and that is understandable. You get people using the wrong flex with different results. You see kids buying an 87 flex and then cutting 6 inches off the shaft which adds significantly to the flex and end up with a 125 flex or whatever for a kid and they end up breaking blades or breaking the blades at the hosel joint because they changed the kickpoint that the same flex with a stick long enough for a big guy using that 125 flex would absorb the impact stresses better.

But yeah if you are a pro or the best player out there and because you are the best player use a lower flex than you should have it is because it offers something he needs as a player for his style of play. Just take my advice and go with half of your body weight for a flex remembering that you change the flex when you cut it. Most sticks these days actually have marking on the back of the stick telling you what the flex is if you cut it there. BRING YOUR STICK YOU HAVE AT THE RIGHT LENGTH WITH YOU TO THE STORE TO COMPARE TO OTHER STICKS. I do it all the time as i use shafts and blades .... unfortunately blades and shafts differ in length among the different companies so I have to bring my existing stick into a store whenever I buy something new. I also bring my own gloves I use .... different sticks have different feels with grips. It isn't silly to do so you know, so do that.

Remember also that people in here are using the wrong flexes by choice, it probably won't work for you or it might ... start at the correct flex for you and then go from there on your next purchase until you find what feels right for you. I swear though you will be all set with half of your body weight.

You can get away with an 87 flex if money or availablability is an issue for you but for slapshots you will not get the same zip on them that you would with a correct flex. I've tried it and know how to shoot so take that for whatever it is worth.

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