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Originally Posted by stafuccijr View Post
I've been trying to find a thread on this but I just cant seem to find any useful information. I am 5'7 160 pound adult, with a very strong upper body and am having problems finding a stick. The senior sticks I cut down about 4-5 inches to come to my chin on skates which is completley killing the flex. Most intermediate sticks come perfectly to my chin but the flex is so low (65ish) that I'm scared with my upper body strength i'll break it. What are my options here?! Thanks in advance.
Your stick flex should be half of your body weight or as close you can get to it.

A 75 flex would indeed be perfect.

be aware (you probably know this already though) that cutting length off of a stick raises the flex number. My sticks say for every 2 inches it adds 10 (approximately) to the flex number. I just bought a 100 Flex Harrow shaft and cut a little over one inch off of it making it according to the line on it a 105 Flex. That same inch on my Bauer shafts say it would now be a 110 flex. So it isn't an exact science and does differ among different companies and materials used for sticks.

If you buy a 65 flex and cut 4 inches off of it you have an 85 flex (approximately)instead of the 65 you bought.

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