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06-21-2009, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO View Post
and how is that even relevant to this discussion?

because Zetterberg signed for X-amount, how does that impact what the Sedins sign for? There is no rule in the NHL that any player defines what other players earn. There are plenty of players in the NHL that have taken less than market value to sign with their teams, and there are plenty of players that haven't done that!

Zetterberg is easily one of the best all-around player in the NHL. Henrik and Daniel are no more in his category than Gomez or Drury are... the Sedins wanting $5.25mill/yr - or $750K less per year than Zetterberg signed for, is no more relevant then saying they want to make what Horcoff is signed for? or that Zetterberg is worth $1.45mill/yr less than Hossa is.

Zetterberg signed a great contract with the Wings... he is a superb player who signed a very cap-friendly contract with an organization where players expect to take cap-friendly contracts to stay there!

This has no bearing however to the Sedins... just like Campbell's contract has no bearing on what JBo is worth or will get on the market... just like Brodeur's contract didn't have an impact on what Luongo signed for.

Zetterberg is altogether a completely irrelevant part of any discussion about the Sedins!!
but what can you do when they start want to use the excuse they they are not in the same leauge as zetterberg as an excuse to attack them? BTW correct me if im wrong, but didnt each SEdin finish with 9 more points then Zetterberg????

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