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06-21-2009, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersJunky View Post
No matter which big ticket D-man would be signed/obtained -- and, granted, some would be bigger Cap-wise than others -- big Cap clearing moves would have to be made by the Flyers... and many other clubs, for that matter.

Either the team clears room, or doesn't and stays with what they have -- and Homer likes, according to his own words -- if they clear room, I see it being done at the large dip level as much as a lesser level.

The question of how much should be tied up going forward, and at what length, is the Million Dollar Question (scaled up for inflation)... No matter which way they go, the player better pan out; the higher the contract, the more important that the gamble pays off.

Being creative can move Cap space -- see; Clarke, Robert E. -- Homer will just have to be willing to give away a player in exchange for the Cap money to purchase another... which is really what it's all about, no?... or he will have to even be willing to pay a bonus, asset-wise, to move Cap space. And that is the one that hurts, and places his you-know-whats in a vice.
See, what worries me about cap clearing is that we know it's going to be difficult, if not, next to impossible to move Briere. Gagne probably won't waive his no trade clause either. Richards is going nowhere because he's the face of the franchise and Hartnell also has a no trade clause. That leaves two forwards who can be moved - Lupul being one of them, Carter being the other. And if the Flyers can't find a taker for Lupul, that means Carter is in play and that could be a big, big, big mistake, especially when we have no real centers on the team with any sort of size (I don't like that word size, but it's something that needs to be examined).

IF, they decide that Carter needs to be moved, I could see a bidding war developing, but at the same time, are we going to get true value for a 6'3, 200 + pound centerman who scored 46 goals in his fourth year? Are we going to get true value for someone who hasn't even hit his prime yet and is probably going to get better and better? I don't know.

And that's what worries me. If they can't move Briere or Lupul, then they'll look at the one asset they can move, but it might just be the wrong asset to move. I honestly don't know what they're going to do this offseason, but I've got a hunch that something not right might possibly happen......

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