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Originally Posted by DownieFaceSoftener View Post
The story:

My sister tells me she has a Flyers autograph for me because she met a Flyers' wife at the mall where she works. The story is that this wife is bored and so she works part-time in the mall. My sister mentions my fandom and the wife says she'll procure an autograph for me.

Now, I'm lost as to who signed this:

First, it's a Prims picture, him skating with 25 on his jersey, but the autograph reads:

"To Robert, best of wishes! Kevin J 28"

The name is a little hard to read, but I'm fairly certain is Kevin J #28, but my sister keeps telling me (she knows little about hockey) that it is from Kevin "Daaaas".

Whose autograph do I have?
At times a 5 can be scribbled in a way that it appears to be an 8... Could after 'Ke' the rest is really 'ith P'? -- okay, the J/P is a reach -- It is never done where a player signs an other player's picture... I never heard of a case, nor can I conceive of it happening.

I'd guess that if you are correct that it is a Primeau photo, you have a Keith Primeau autograph... That or you have been the target of a hoax and have been PUNKED.

BTW: Primeau's signiture is a sloppy one... And I haven't seen one since the last concussion.

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