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10-13-2004, 11:50 AM
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Loosers all around

Pretty good story. Interesting quote here:

"Lanza, who once represented NBA players but now represents management exclusively in his job, believes the owners will cave in before the players and that there will be hockey this season similar to the 48-game schedule played in 1995.

"The union has already made a proposal," Lanza said. "I don't understand why the league doesn't want to discuss a system that gives them cost certainty. The union has placed a workable model on the table that should be the basis for talks. At least make a counter offer. Don't keep chanting the mantra, 'Hard cap, hard cap.' "

That makes Bettman's qoute of a few weeks ago, look even more dumb. A few weeks ago, he was quoted as saying that he is going to give the NHLPA time to "reflect" before they submit another proposal and that the ball is in their court. 2 problems here. First of all, the NHLPA made the last proposal. Why would the ball be in their court? Does Bettman expect that after "properly reflecting", the players will see the error of their evil ways and make a different proposal?
Bettman is not even making a counter proposal. Again, how is he negotiating in good faith when he cannot even be bothered to make a counter proposal? How is that helping anything? I've seen several sports strikes go down, but I have yet to see ANY case in which one party keeps making proposals while the other party just waits to see what they like.
And are the players suddenly kindergarden children, that they need the proper time to "reflect"?
With each passing day, it is becoming rather obvious that Bettman promised his "cost certainty" to the owners by promising to ram his rules, after he declares an impasse, at the expense of the season. (and the comments of the Trashers owner support that theory) At least to me, it just seems like he is not seeing anything past that. He is not seeing that the lawsuits that follow his declaration of an impasse, will produce an injunction that will prevent the 2nd season from coming to fruition either.

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