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10-13-2004, 02:17 PM
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Some of the readers' comments are funny...

people keep saying how unsympathetic to the players they are because they still stand to make millions, while us poor schmoes would be lucky to see what they take in a year in a lifetime. Of course any individual should be able to make as much money as they legally can, and if someone's willing to pay you $x, why not take $x. But I guess they don't care if the billionaire owner can put multiples of what a single player makes into his pocket every year as a result of the cap, and the reasoning is it's his capital that's at risk and he should bear the benefit. Then of course you go to the other side and say, well, if it's his capital, shouldn't he be able to spend it in any manner in which he pleases; as well as nobody forced Wang and Kumar to give Yashin that contract. And then it goes back to the owners can't control themselves and don't know how to run a hockey organization profitably unless the league helps them. But then the other side will say, we don't even know what the real economics are to the teams, i.e., what the real losses are, so how can one base anything off what the owners are putting forth...and so on, and so on.

And it goes back and forth and back and forth until we're where we are....nowhere, as the season should be beginning.

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