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Originally Posted by Captain Ron View Post
You make some good points Kings17.....the NHL is not going to bail out these teams....but they have a lot more options than you may think. I have taken a personal interest in watching what teams in "Cap Hell" have done over the past 3 seasons. The creative GM's have found ways to fit all of their players under the cap....remember when Neidermayer "retired" for half a season and then returned when his cap hit would fit in Anaheim's budget?

What about when New Jersey traded a 1st round pick to San Jose in order to clear cap space for the Deveils?

The richer teams can trade picks to teams with a lot of cap room in order to take their cap headaches....they also can buyout players which will spread out a nightmare cap hit over a longer period....and of course there is the ability to hide players in the AHL or to suddenly have "long term" injuries.....these may sound like unlikely ways to create cap space...but I have seen numerous examples of these by several teams over the last 3 seasons.....these GM's are not going to be forced into trading their top line players or elite prospects in order ot relieve cap pressure.
I agree to a point. To use Philadelphia as an example, there is no way we could possilbly put the squeeze on them and acquire Richards or Carter, but we wouldn't be taking on Briere either, and the guy has an NMC so he can't be buried in the AHL.

Now a guy like Gagne could be available. Wouldn't the Flyers rather get something in return for him by shipping him out West, instead of sticking him in the AHL? I think so, and the cost wouldn't be prohibitive because the Flyers can't afford to take any roster players in return.

I think the NHL needs to really investigate any LTIR claims made by organizations that are in cap hell. Those half season retirements aren't good for a team, but the NHL needs to clean up some of the cap circumvention loopholes in any case when the next CBA rolls around.

I have a feeling that the next big bone of contention between the owners and the players will be guaranteed contracts. The owners will want to be able to go to the NFL style contract where a player can be cut. The players will fight that tooth and nail.

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