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Originally Posted by Pog Form View Post
I play C at ASHL York. From everything I hear, it's by far the worst C division in any of the ASHL leagues in the GTA. I fit right in!
I know some people that play C level, and some people that play D level at Ice Sports Scarborough... it's really hit or miss. I've seen some guys in D level that could mop the floor with any of the C level guys I know, and then I've seen players in C level that look like absolute beginners.

Division A: Very skilled adult hockey player, have played a serious competitive hockey level hockey in the past, from collegiate, university, semi pro or pro hockey.

Division B: Skilled hockey player, played at a reasonably competitive level of hockey in the past.

Division C: A good hockey player, plays the game for fun and enjoyment, probably has not played previously at a higher level of hockey.

Division D: Has played organized, competitive hockey previously but not at a significant level. Enjoys the game and understands the rules of playing hockey in a team setting.
From what I've seen, a lot of the C level guys range from former house league players to AAA players... B and A are more for more ex-Junior A, OHL, and college/university players.

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