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06-22-2009, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Sonny View Post
This interview was pretty interesting. I feel like it's got Holmgren knowing what's wrong but not really seeing those things as legitimate concerns written all over it.

I don't have any aspirations at all about next season. The entire organization right now-- team members, coaching staff, and front office-- completely lacks the ability to make and execute decisions that need to be made, and I think it's painfully obvious in every area.
I'm curious as to what you think needs to be done with the cap space that we have now and with the players we will need to sign in the future. I will be completely suprised, unless Holmer can pull off trades that get rid of Briere, Lupul, and Jones, that we pick of JBo.

Quite frankly, unless we get rid of Briere, Luple, and either Jones or Carle then I don't want us picking up any big named players at all unless they are willing to come here cheaper then they would other places. The cap as it is and as it is projected to look over the next year or so makes signing anyone to a big contract, other then our own guys, a big impossibility. The only things we can do right now is try to fill in holes with serviceable veterns and hope that our young core grows more this year.

I am not a fan of John Stevens but I hope that John Stevens and the other coaches grow up the most this off season. They NEED to have a coherient plan and system for this time to follow and we need to see it. A system that features better forchecking, much better back checking, and does not have us bottled up in our own zone 90% of the damn time(yes that is an exaduation).

I read a report where Holmer wants us to be more agressive, I can agree with that but our forwards need to backcheck and at least two forwards need to be available to help the defencemen get the puck out of the zone on a regular basis. No more of this throw the hail mary pass and hope it connects offense. It does not work in football at any level, why in the hell would it work in Hockey with any regularity anyway.

Heres to hopeing that the team does what it needs to do, the players do what they need to do, the coaches do what they need to do, and we have a great season next year.

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