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06-22-2009, 03:24 PM
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I still think the depth arguement comes down to how you arrange the players.

The two sets of lines I posted, the healthy regular season lines and the healthy playoff lines, that's a huge difference, the team seems less deep, because you take two players who can produce offensively in Clarkson and Rolston, and cut their minutes.

You take two players who can't produce offensively, in Madden and Pando, and in one case, you drastically raise his minutes, in th other case, you rescue him from the press box and give him large minutes. You make the line with these players you defacto second line in ice time, and even the first line on some nights, and are you really surprised the team doesn't look deep?

Then you compound that by giving home ice advantage away and letting the Hurricanes dictate the game. They could stay static in that matchup, even if they weren't scoring with Staal, because the checking line couldn't score on Staal. Which is a pretty dubious achievement. So, you just rotate Staal's wingers until you find something that works. And later in the series, they found it. We just kept doing the same thing.

Our coaching effort in this series was nil. No matter what you think of Parise and Elias' performances, no matter what you think of the PZL shift with two minutes left, no matter if you feel like hating on Marty for the last two minutes of the game, or if you want to kick Havelid around... there's one thing that's a theme throughout the series. No coaching moves are made except to pull back the forecheck.

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