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Originally Posted by Kevin19 View Post
Solomon's speculation is not a "leak". Piston said the cap number for this season AND NEXT SEASON were leaked as though the official cap ceilings had already been determined and had somehow been leaked. He then built his whole premise around this leaked info. Maybe I'm quibbling here but he is basing his whole argument on Solomon's SPECULATION at a fan event, nothing was ever leaked.

You should know the difference here CBGB, this is right up your alley. When you said Lindros was going to be King, was that a leak or were you speculating? See what I mean?

You know, when I found out you were officially blogging for hockeybuzz I scoffed and rolled my eyes but you know what? You're absolutely perfect for that site.
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Solomon is not speculating. If you think he is not on the phone regularly to the league office doing his job, you are kidding yourself. The numbers he is presenting are very well informed projections from the league office which is then 'leaked' or whatever word you would like to use to the teams so that they can begin to build their budgets. The cap ceilings are not officially set, but it would be a surprise if the final number this year is off by more than a couple of $100 k and for next year by more than $2 mm.

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