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06-22-2009, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
By serious, I assume you mean Stanley Cup favorites in two seasons?

No, I don't see that happening, but they need to at least be in the playoff hunt right until the bitter end this coming season and making the playoffs would be better.

I would hope that by the 2013 playoffs they are capable of going to the conference finals at least. It took a long time for the Blackhawks to get where they are now.

Guys like Keith (4 full NHL seasons + 2 full seasons in the AHL), Barker (a full season in the NHL, and parts of two others, 3 full seasons as a pro), Seabrook (4 full NHL seasons), and Sharp (8 full seasons as a pro) make up a big part of their core and give you a pretty good idea of how long it might take.

Obviously Kane and Toews have less experience, but even those two very high picks took some time to break in.

What does Johnson have? 1 1/2 seasons as a pro. Doughty? 1 season. Sure Brown has been around longer, but he is still very young and he isn't exactly on the same level as Toews or Kane, Kopitar may be soon if he learns how to bust his butt.

I'm just trying to point out that if you're insisting on the sky being the limit in two more years, it probably isn't going to happen.
If I read your post correctly, and I am trying to, it sounds like you are saying its going to be about a seven to eight year turn-around process, or more. That seems long, and if that is what DL and Co envision, my beef is that it wasnt I (we) was told.

Instead, we were sold on a five year plan, designed (or merely uttered?,) obviously to minimize the loss of interest by fans who have waited for so long already. That is where the anger stems (and likely the shill reference as well) when I have to keep hearing about planning for the future, because the future has yet to be NOW, and despite management's continued plea that we be patient still, we have yet to be told the real time of arrival of our winning culture, perenially contending team.

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