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06-22-2009, 08:14 PM
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Who do DL and co. think they're going to get with this strategy? They must have certain players in mind right? I mean, they can't be holding back on the building of this team in hopes of some random collection of great players (who also happen to be great locker room "DL" type of guys) that will be available for the choosing, can they?

It's garbage. The players that will be available are the Gomez's, Briere's, etc. right? The teams over the cap will start by trying to trade their worst contracts along with a draft pick or two (remember Roenick?), and then if that doesn't work they will bury someone in the minors. Trading a great player with a fair/decent contract (which will be the only players DL would want) is the LAST thing these teams will do.

If you're Detroit in 2011 and the cap is at 48 million, you're not going to trade Datsyuk, Zetterberg or Franzen. You're going to trade Stuart or Rafalski or Filpulla and then send Hudler to Grand Rapids or something. Is DL hoping that some other team's last resort will land him the player(s) he needs? So much so that he's holding off on possible moves that would improve the team RIGHT NOW???

It's so stupid (imo) to have some long shot hail mary like this as a strategy to build a team.

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