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Originally Posted by IniNew View Post
Very mature of you.

If your strength isn't up to par then the half body weight hooha wont work. It's just something you have to experiment with till you find what you like. I'd suggest finding an Int stick that's not too much money so you can see if its too whippy for you.
Have you ever seen someone 5ft 6in that weighed 200lbs and played hockey?

The half your body weight rule is a general guide, of course there are exceptions. I told the dude to start from there and then figure it out because generally half the body weight is what people use because that is just the way it is.

Obviously some people out there are going to be physically similar to the aliens in Close Encounters but realistically that would be rare.

... not to mention I was replying to the original poster who stated "I am 5'7 160 pound adult, with a very strong upper body and am having problems finding a stick. "

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