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06-23-2009, 07:59 AM
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Standing on tip toes is a calf exercise. Balance trainers are balance exercises. Unless you have a lot of ankle pain and/or your legs collapse, I'll bet it's an equipment or balance problem, and not weak ankles.

Click on the video about skate selection

Another thing to try, if you hold the boot tight under your arm and grab the holder with your other hand, can you move it back and forth? That means the boot itself is twisting, and possible even the outsole.

Again, I was just under 200 pounds when I started skating, and after literally just a few months, not only was the boot trashed, but the outsole itself. Cheap skates have flimsy materials and a hard plastic outsole, whereas a quality skate is going to be stiff and have a composite outsole. If your outsole isn't stiff, when you try to use either edge, it will twist, and that will cause you to lose an edge and fall.

Anyways, you could try getting longer laces and tying the skates around the ankle, but I'd still have to believe at 280 you need a better skate.

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