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Originally Posted by Sonny View Post
Ever since I was little I thought it was a bigger procedure because I remember it taking Mankind out of service for a while. Or maybe I'm thinking of something else...but I thought, wrong, it seems, that they basically went in there and scooped just about your whole knee in fixing it.

But yeah, it was Mankind who was injured years ago and I think had this procedure. Maybe the time period just seemed longer cause I was younger.
Scopes aren't really a distinct procedure. They are just a less invasive way of performing any given surgery. They use tiny little entry points rather than opening up a big hole. It is less taxing on your body and you don't end up with such large scars or healing time for the wound itself. If the procedure is rather simple, recovery may be short. You can still have a scope procedure that will come with a long recovery time. It depends more upon the nature of the injury and what part of your body is being operated on more than on whether it's a scope or open procedure.

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