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Originally Posted by FlyersJunky View Post
I understand a lot more than you give me credit for... I just don't understand how things can be pulled out of ones ass and be put out as truth... But, that is the Internet for you; happens all the time.

I am a season ticket holder... What I see in no way resembles what you are trying to put across here; the facts and figures do not back up your view.
I honestly do not give a flying **** if you are a season ticket holder. Is that your way to say I know more then you about hockey? Big ****ing deal!!! If you think Knuble is important to this hockey club you are wrong. This player has very limited skill and Flyers have other priorities.
I do not want Flyers to give 2 year deal based on his previous performance.

Originally Posted by FlyersJunky View Post
Negadelphia sometimes annoys me more than other times... I should learn to ignore it more.

I do agree that an upgrade at D is always needed, and now as much as ever... I just am not willing to move needed veteran presence to save dollars. All the talented young studs in the World will not bring in a Cup, if not supported by veterans; teams that have won the Cup understand that... but you obviously do not.

I am done here.
Flyers have one guy who can really play D, everyone else come and go only Timonen is always committed. If Flyers do not fix it, we are done in playoffs next year. Simple as that. Flyers can trade for Mike Knuble's type at the dead line. NY Islanders traded Bill Guerin to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a 2009 conditional draft selection. Guerin was traded and he is better then Knuble.

I mean seriously, I am arguing about Mike ****ing Knuble with a guy who is looking TSN stats and tries to prove me wrong? I hope Mike receives a huge offer somewhere else. Good luck to him.

Are we seriously talking about not signing Mike Knuble and trading a player or two to sign bets UFA Bouwmeester? watch ballet..

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