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06-23-2009, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Hot water is not gong to work on that skate, it doesn't work on composite materials. Take them back to the shop and have them baked. That's the first step in ANY new skate these days. Skating alone will not break in a modern skate.

If that doesn't work, you may have the wrong size or may not be the right foot type for that skate.
Originally Posted by PRNuck View Post
If you plan on skating on an existing blister, your best bet is one of those fancy bandaids, i think they've been mentioned, they seal on water tight. If you just have a hot spot, or know where you've been having trouble, I just stick a big piece of duct tape over the surrounding area. It's sticky as hell on your foot, but nice and slippery against the sides of the boot. It sucks to remove though, if you have hairy feet like me
I'd just put a band aid on the spot until they form better. If you havent gotten them baked, then bake them. Either at home or at the shop.

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