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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Since when does itech make skates?

And there is a lot of technology in top end skates and sticks these days. It's not all hype.
A lot of today's modern gear is indeed great stuff.

I'm content with older closeout skates for cheaps that do a great job, there is nothing wrong with buying a 2003 $400 skate for $125 now.

Some companies size their stuff differently too ... a couple of examples I can give are with Bauer skate sizing. They fit my feet better than other companies do, obviously I've not tried every other company out there but I know Bauer will fit so I go back to them and have tried on skates by other companies and they did not feel right. I have owned a couple of pair of CCM skates but they were older skates and maybe their sizing is different than what they use now .... I have no idea.

So far I have liked the fit of CCM equipment like shinguards, out of the different brands I tried I liked those best .... it doesn't mean they are the best but they are the best for me from what I had available to try on.

RBK Elbow pads here too because they fit well when I treid them on.

Mission roller hockey pants with a Farrell girdle underneath.

Farrell shouldies, most comfy shoulder pads i have ever owned with virtually no restrictions at all.

Easton gloves and also CCM gloves. The CCM gloves are the cheap kind and incredibly comfy. I bought them at Walmart as a clearanced item for $15. I think the regular price was $30 or so.

Bauer helmet mainly.

I like CCM jerseys too because the ones they make now the XL fit like an XXL by other companies. I like the XXL CCM which fits like an XXXL. I am very thick chested and a big guy ... a XXL fits okay and fine but I like my jersey loose and blowing in the wind.

CCM jerseys are bigger than other company's jerseys.

So for the purposes of this thread I base my junk I buy on things like comfort and fit.

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