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06-23-2009, 06:49 PM
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Also, I'm almost positive Emery isn't mentally ********, and (without trying to be too PC here) you should probably not make yourself like a total jackass by writing stuff like that.
I hope it's obvious I'm using the term facetiously. There’s really no indication that Emery has intelligence issues – however he HAS made a number of bad decisions. I was on the fence about using the term, but I liked the way "f-ing ******" lands after those opening paragraphs. I initially used a less juvenile phrase and thought it came off sounding PC and toothless (no offense to toothless people).

In retrospect, “thundering idiot” or “goddamn cretin” would have worked just as well.

Ray Emery's agent is JP Barry, not Scott Boras.
Doh, typed the wrong name.

Who gives a .... It looks like you have nothing better to do. Your a hater dude.
Like I said, it was an email I did for some friends who don’t follow hockey very closely. I don’t think I’m a hater. I’m basically arguing that Emery is a high risk signing. I hope he kicks ass for us like he did in the KHL.

What is the point of this? To blast on Emery for everything he has done wrong and hate on him? Why the hell did you make this thread?
Is it 'hating' to predict that Emery's off-ice shenanigans will continue in Philadelphia?

I feel like my post was pretty balanced. He’s talented, he’s young, he has acted like an idiot and now he’s getting a second chance with the Flyers. I’d be surprised if there weren’t one or two incidents where Emery comes off looking like a smacked ass this season, but I’m hopeful he’ll play well enough (and keep his **** together long enough) to do a good job here. I felt the same way when the Flyers acquired Daigle, Falloon, Boulerice, Gratton, Downie, etc. You hope for the best, but these kinds of behavioral issues don't fix themselves overnight.


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