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Originally Posted by Danrik View Post
No offense taken. I'm not all world in shape, but I'm not out of shape either. I'm 6 feet, 180 lbs.

I don't have a problem with an afternoon game or early evening. The only time I end up like this is when I have a late game (starts at 10:00 or so) and go to bed fairly quickly afterwards. I drink water before and during the game, will have a gatorade on the way home.

The PB sandwich idea sounds good and I'll give that a try on my next one.
One thing to watch out for is your blood pressure. If you go from a hardcore workout to nothing, it can play havoc with your BP. If nothing else, get changed out of your gear after the game and then go for a light jog or a medium-paced walk before heading out. This will let the body bring itself down at a more controlled pace; if you go from the end of the game to sitting in a car (and then to bed) fairly quickly, it can trigger a sort of crash reaction.

To do a very rudimentary test to see if you're well-hydrated before a game, spit. If it's nice and normal, you're good. If it feels either thick or sticky, you're a bit dehydrated. And it if globs up and sticks to your lip rather than releasing freely, you might want to sit one out and hydrate. (Don't do this after chewing gum with citric acid in it, by the way)

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