Thread: Salary Cap: Hindsight 20/20 Which Defenseman?
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06-24-2009, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Streit would not have been worth 4 mil playing 3rd line and PP here. You know damn well that Carbo didn't like him on defense and Markov is already playing the role that Streit had in NYI.

No way in hell Souray is worth that money. Too poor at moving the puck, struggles too much 1 on 1 defensively.

Beauchemin would not have gotten himself in order had he stayed in Hamilton. Only a trade from Comulbus was the kick in the rump he needed. If he stayed here, he's be playing in Europe or Semi pro by now.

Rivet, we could have used a guy like that last year after O'byrne struggled. But we made out like bandits on that trade.

Hainsey, much like Beauchemin, he needed a kick in the rump. He still is not worth anything close to his current pay.
Yet he was obsessed with Bouillon? The Habs have invested waaayyy too much time into Bouillon, they've let other defensman like Hainsey, Beauchemin, Robidas and Streit go because essentially, Bouillon was in their way. Yes, I understand the circumstances regarding the departures of Hainsey and Beauchemin, however, I believe that if the Habs had shown as much patience with those players as they have with Bouillon, we might not be in the situation we're in right now...

The Streit situation was especially frustrating for me because it was clear for anyone to see that Streit, even as a part-time defensman in his last year, was more valuable to the Habs going forward than Bouillon was/is/has ever been. I never understood why Carbo was more comfortable with playing Bouillon on defense every night as opposed to Streit

I'm not sorry about losing Rivet or is what it is...but in the other cases, there was a clear misevaluation of personnel and a lack of long term vision there, Gainey and the coaching staff messed up on that one.

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