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06-24-2009, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
You are contradicting your self ...

All 3 players you mentioned (unlike Mike Knuble) had them letters at some point with the Flyers and/or on other teams. So yes, they were important part of leadership. Smith fought when we were down by a goal, Hatcher threw big dirty or not checks, Kapanen was flying on the ice throwing and taking hits.

What Mike Knubles leadership? Itís not there.

FWIW; Knuble has been a member of the appointed 'Leadership Group' which extends beyond the Captain and Alternate Captains... Knuble has at various times wore an 'A' when injuries to the Captain or Alternate(s) and his place in the pecking order came up (see image above)... And, No, I in no way contradicted myself.

Dude or Dudette, I concede... You have worn me out haha... We will just wait and see if Knuble is re-signed or not. Whether he is the player you claim him to be, or the one I see is merely a matter of perception -- if stats are to be ignored, as they were decided to be here -- No matter what we say, there is no consequence whatsoever... So, I choose to step aside and leave you as the winner in this debate; Knuble is not a leader and slows up his linemates, he cannot play physical and loses board battles, he cannot score outside the crease and has hands of cement, his contract will be a waste and he can be replaced at any time during the season for a player of equal or better talents but at a cheaper Cap hit, hid PP points and time can be made up by any number of young players and his detriment on defence should be eliminated after he is removed from the roster... His 30ish goals will be made up for and his time on the PK can be handled, after all he can't clear pucks from the zone to save his life... You have won me over; I can't wait until that useless piece of crap moves on.

Case closed... Homer will now move on to things more worthy his time.

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