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06-24-2009, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by eric71 View Post
I cant wait till Im in my 20s than. With the exception of having to work, every single day,bills, no winter break or summer vacation or march break,bills, possible kids, bills, did I mention bills?
Shut the ##### up and enjoy your teenage years I'm loving college life, yeah, but I'd love to re-do highschool and spend more time having fun with my friends and playing hockey than playing videogames and studying.

Anyways, don't underestimate the older guys. Unless they're in their 30s or approaching their 40s they'll be plenty quick and quite a bit stronger than you too. It's only the players that stop working out who start declining in their 20s. Even the older guys that don't have the speed usually have a tremendous amount of skill and experience, so they'll find ways to stop you.

Long story short... prepare to be thrashed around the waves. Don't be afraid to play your game, but expect to get knocked on your ass from time to time. Your speed will give you a bit of an advantage, but as soon as they figure out how to neutralize that you're going to have to rely on solid positioning (ESPECIALLY as a defenceman). Use it as motivation to step up your training!

Inline hockey might be different, but this was my experience transitioning from minor youth hockey to playing pickup with a bunch of guys aged 25-40. I'm playing my first season of adult league hockey this fall.

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