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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Any update for us?
Yeah actually ... I am healing incredibly fast. I am stickhandling at home in the bedroom rigorously, I am also taking half slapshots without any discomfort.

My next step is to set up my regulation sized goal cage I have in the backyard to practice shooting and trying to simulate hard passing.

It has been about 3 weeks and I feel incredibly a lot better. The only pain I am getting now is the day after light exercise. I can lift about 6 dinner plates with it now without that torn pain I had before.

I did notice after lifting a shopping cart yesterday that it feels weaker than my right one but the doctor told me I would lose a percentage of strength in that bicep naturally and it was expected.

I have a full range of motion with no pain unless it is stretched out completely extended like reaching straight out behind me.

The main thing for me is nothing used for shooting pucks or passing seems to be an issue. I feel a little twinge still if something happens like I drop something and try to save it kind of unplanned jerky motion. It isn't pain but instead a twinge I guess you would call it.

I am extremely happy at how it feels at this point and feel like I am way ahead of schedule in healing. I won't come back and play hockey too soon however. I will absolutely make sure I am healed enough to play hockey before I do again.

The pain or twinge I feel is in the bicep and not where the tendons are thankfully. The main tendon on the inside arm portion of the bicep at first was sore but now is great. I can feel it and it feels attached lmao.

But seriously everything feels good and there isn't anything besides how the bicep looks smaller that screams at me "Oh my God this is awful". It seems coinsidering what happened to be normal again for the most part.

Everyday it gets a little better and a little less feeling like there is damage. I figure in another month it shoud feel normal again.

Originally Posted by ProudestMonkey27 View Post
I had a torn biceps tendon and just had my surgery 4/20/09. It's an easy surgery and it works wonders. I highly recommend having the surgery. If you don't the pain will always be there, 2 months later I'm already surfing etc.
I would have found a way to get a surgery if I had torn or ruptured the tendon. The post title is a little misleading at this point because it has healed enough for me to know I tore the bicep. At first it seemd like the tendon was an issue but everything was loose and traumatized and looked badly for a the first few days. The Ortho doc on the phone in the ER described the possible scenarios from what the ER doctor told him it looked like. While I have not seen an Ortho guy I do feel comfy in knowing it is healing right.

The Ortho guy on the phone while in the ER with the ER doc said it would heal leaving a small flat spot in between where the tendon attaches and the bicep and the bicep would appear smaller and look like a Popeye bicep. That has happened as he said but the bicep is still pretty big, it isn't like it rolled up or anything out of the way like it is unattached from the tendon or bone. He also said many people opt to not have surgery and leave it as a weaker bicep but functioning as a normal bicep. He clearly stated that some people do not require surgery and that some guy making a living playing hockey may want to do it that some guys especially my age at soon to be 41 may just want to let it hel and go with that.

I went with leaving it as is and letting be a normal but smaller weaker bicep. Normal meaning I can do anything else anyone else can do but it will be weaker. Strengthening it with small weights will serve me well now.

When I first did it the thing acted weirdly and scared me honestly until it started to heal and I could tell how it was going to be. hard to explain on here but I knew it was going to be okay in only a way you can physically feel yourself.

I mean it wasn't even 2 weeks and I could lift things like a plate of food and now one week after that I can lift 6 empty dinner plates easily without pain.

Considering my terriblke hamstring injury 15 years ago and being on crutches for 2 months and not playing hockey for 6 months this seems a lot easier to deal with.

It is also on my left arm and I am right handed so things have been very easy to deal with while healing.

It will be my bottom hand on the hockey stick and with just the small amount of puck shooting I have done already I can tell that muscle won't be a factor in shooting pucks normally again. it feels excellent when shooting snapshots and half slappers. I feel no difference than from before the injury.

The injury happened by hyper extension and trying to stop a player from skating away as I was skating into the corner for the pu8ck he had there. it was freakish in nature and not like lifting something too heavy and rupturing a tendon.

hard to describe really but the muscle gave out more than anything else thankfully for me. Everything is still attached but there is a pocket I can lie my finger in on bicep where the main pain was ... where the muscle tore.

I really honestly believe everything is okay as it can be. I am sure surgery could be done but it would involve cutting the bicep and reattaching it which it has done by itself honestly. The tear has healed for the most part already.

I know right now is the window of easily reinjuring it if I come back too soon to play though. I know I feel good enough to shoot and pass but it would be the fighting for the puck things or some guy grabbing my arm on the way by that would do me in at this point.

The bicep needs more time to get strong again and fully heal with whatever scar tissue it will have as a repair.

But yeah to answer you guys who care it feels great right now and it feels like it is not injured while at home. This includes pulling on a railing while running up stairs. it feels good there for example.

it feels like I got away with what could easily have been seriously a lot worse.

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