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10-14-2004, 09:02 AM
True Blue
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I could not agree more. Every day my dislike of Bettman grows and grows. Listening to him is very much like the presedential debates. Lots of pointing fingers, but not much in the way of a solution. Kerry's "I will do a better job" is replaced by "We will have cost certainty". Kerry does not say how he will do a better job or make things better and Bettman does not state how he thinks he can increase revenues.
And like you said, here we are in NY, paying the highest ticket prices in the league and are now being told by the league that not only is our team now is not allowed to spend more than Pittsburgh, but they must also contribute money to ensure that Pittsburgh stays in business. And what does Pittsburgh contribute to ensure their own well being? Nothing. If Bettman did not quickly do an about face on his original play, the Rangers would be contributing money into the coffers of the Chicago Blackhawks.

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