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10-14-2004, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by free0717
The players should come in right now and negotiate the best deal they can and not miss anymore paychecks.
Why should they? Why should they cave and accept 100% blame for everything? Even for the mess that their employers created? At the very least, the players have tried to negotiate. Bettman and the owners have not negotiated one bit. They are not even making counter proposals. There's a BIG difference between negotiating and dictating terms.
And for those owners that are gleeful because they claim that they are loosing less money with no season at all, there is a simple solution. Their teams should be the first to get contracted. Seems to me, that way they will not loose any money at all.

"They will go without hockey until the owners get the deal they want."

And how long is that? Do you really think that ANY deal that they impose will have fiancial windfalls? Go ahead and declare an impasse. I will love to see the smug look on his face when the season opener is played in front of 25 people becuase NO ONE will show up to see scabs play.
And that is providing that there is a season at all. As I have said before, if Bettman declares an impasse, he will be immediately hit with lawsuits from the players. At that point, there will be an injunction slapped down. So saying, ""They will go without hockey until the owners get the deal they want.", is a little misleading. If waiting for what they want involves the cancelation of this seaon and the next, then they might as well start looking for new business ventures, because hockey will be finished as a sport in the USA.

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