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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Thanks again everybody. I got up the courage to walk up to an adult leaguer waiting for ice time, and basically say, "I'm a n00b what's wrong with my skates"

It turns out oddly enough that it was a problem with the stock laces. They were too short by the time my beefy feet and arch supports got into the boot. I had been absolutely tightening the hell out of my lower foot crushing it trying to make sure I still had enough laces left to tie at the top. This was causing pinching in the lower part of the boot, and collapsing of the arch. Then up top, I didn't have enough lace to really get the upper portion of the boot tight. (It felt like I needed tweezers to tie the laces at the top)

I picked up a longer set of laces, and he worked with me showing where I needed my boots extra tight, and where I could go with them being a little looser. He agrees I'll need stronger boots eventually, but I just got off the ice after going over an hour and it felt great! No pain in the arches, and support on the ankles. What a wonderful feeling!

Well there you go then .... have fun now and enjoy what you are doing instead of fiddling around with equipment.

I just finished breaking in my new skates, I had a tough spot under the ball of my left foot which finally caved in today. Yep I had them heat molded but that doesn't do everything in a skate to fit them on you. The old fashioned way of just using them is the best way.

Good luck to you sir! let us know if you join a men's hockey league or something.

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