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06-24-2009, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I saw a pair of these in the pro shop that does my skates and that pair had a warped blade. I made a thread about warped blades ... anyhew the point was that i thought the skate looked like it was made out of chrome metal. They were literally shiny with chrome trim stuff.

Honestly if I could afford them I would get them and not for status symbol of having pricey skates but because at my age of soon to be 41 lighter is better.

I just do not trust the heel on composite skates yet from breaking or getting loose from the blade holder. I do know the less expensive models give big guys trouble in the heels and have only heard that top of the lines won't give that trouble but i do not trust them yet to fork over that much money.

I'll wait a while and see if I see a few angry posts in here about them. This forum rules ... if for anything else just knowing what sucks and what doesn't.
Honestly, I've never heard that complaint about any skates before. What skates have you had it on, and how has it manifested? Has it just been popping rivets (cheap fix BTW) or has it been something else? I'm honestly curious...

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