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06-24-2009, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by TheZherdev View Post
You lost 50 lbs? Damn man, what diet were you on?

I agree with everyone else. At your height and weight you should buy less than 100 flex and cut it down.
I lost 40 lbs it literally wasn't overly very difficult. Some sacrifice was all that was needed. I cut out almost all beef and pork and replaced it with chicken usually baked. I cut out pasta but kept eating other carb stuff like some rice once in a while maybe some mashed potatoes etc with less butter or margarine than I used to eat.

No cookies, no chips, no more of one of my faves which was salsa on nacho chips with melted cheese on top. I cut out any soda and drink just juice with no sugar added. No more ice cream by the half gallon lolz. I used to eat a whole half gallon while watching a movie sometimes, that was just lame assed stupidity on my part.

lets see ... I also drink one slimfast shake for breakfast and it holds me until lunch time. I did not reduce how much I ate for the most part (I did stop eating breakfast and have the slimfast shake instead) I just replaced the garbage with better foods like apples and bananas instead of cookies and milk or chips. The slimfast shake is very high in vitamin content.

Keep in mind it takes a long time to get fat and it takes a long time to lose it. I started my diet change around Thanksgiving (USA Thanksgiving) and balanced my weight off at the end of March or half way through April I forget now.

But basically I eat the same way all the time and after a while I stopped losing weight when I got to my natural weight I should be which is 230-232lbs.

I obviously started playing ice hockey more as well during this period going from playing once a week to 3 times a week or more sometimes.

I feel better than I have in years and also my bloodpressure which runs high in my family is a normal 120 over 70 most of the time when I check it. Being 40+ years old that is very important to me as it was borderline high before I lost the weight and got more exercise.

So basically losing weight isn't a free ride, you have to make changes to do it and not buy diet pills. people who buy weight loss pills are dopes following false for short span results and promises that won't last.

There is no magic way to lose weight other than smartening the frig up and doing what needs to be done the right way. It took me about 4 months to lose 40 lbs.

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