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06-24-2009, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
Apologies to everyone for quoting such a long post.

Thanks, Irish; your example is much clearer than the basic model I was using. Here's a great summation that shows Rathje is an annoyance to the Flyers even though he's on LTIR.

I left this thread confused a couple days ago. Thanks, Jester. I got myself too caught up in the 'average' salary cap hit conversation. As long as Irish's post is correct, I feel better about my basic understanding of the cap implications of LTIR even if I was incorrect about a couple details.
I wish I had the patience to have just made that post 2 days ago. Haha, it would have saved pages of arguments.

I realize the LTIR thing isn't too bad. Overall, we end up spending to the cap anyway, because if we dont, we lost it anyway.

Briere went down last year when we had 7 mill + on LTIR. So guess what, you bet your ass we replaced the salary (a la Carle) because otherwise, we were just wasting that cap space.

That is why Homer does what he does. Could he do a better job? Sure. But here are the mechanics of how a few things worked last year and this year.

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