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06-24-2009, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
I wish I had the patience to have just made that post 2 days ago. Haha, it would have saved pages of arguments.

I realize the LTIR thing isn't too bad. Overall, we end up spending to the cap anyway, because if we dont, we lost it anyway.

Briere went down last year when we had 7 mill + on LTIR. So guess what, you bet your ass we replaced the salary (a la Carle) because otherwise, we were just wasting that cap space.

That is why Homer does what he does. Could he do a better job? Sure. But here are the mechanics of how a few things worked last year and this year.
The NHL should adopt temporary contracts as the NBA does or did, IIRC... Being able to replace a player with a short term contract (weeks) should be able to replace injured players and not pass up the Cap exclusion... Granted, the player(s) would be of a lesser level, but that would preclude waiver costs/losses as well a players being forced to be on waivers upon being returned to the AHL. There could be an entire group of unsigned mercenaries -- err -- players who could go unsigned but make big bucks on short-term contract throughout the season.

... ORRRRR... The NHL could allow AHL replacement players who would come up when a player is injured, and not be bound by waiver rules.

When I replace Bettman, I will straighten out the NHL and all it's Cap woes.

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