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Originally Posted by XxLidstromxX View Post
So I started ice hockey on Monday, just drop ins, honestly it was the most fun I had ever experienced in my life sure I was slipping and falling but 5 hours went by so quickly it felt like 10 minutes.
I noticed a couple problems on ice though:
1. I can't stop, when I try I end up turning or falling.
2. Can't turn quickly without falling lol.
3. I don't know how to use the edges on the skates.

I also had some more questions.
I bought a new nike stick, and it's way to short, I have to bend so low to play and I can't do that considering I'm 6'2. It reaches my collar bone when on my skates, so how long should it be for a defensemen, I can get decent slap shots off of it but I have to bend really low which makes me look like an idiot and hurts my back. So how much higher should I get it, I previously had a stick extended up to my nose and it killed my shot lol, it looked really weird and my shot would look ********...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
The lower you are, the better the slapshot. But yeah, it's all about personal preference. The general area for all skaters is about upper lip-nose area but defenseman tend to get theirs on the longer side. Try adding in a wooden plug, although they might mess with your flex. And for the skating, the only thing I can suggest is powerskating classes. Learning these things on your own will only develop bad habits which are hard to fix in the future.
Hockey is great, have fun and good luck!!

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