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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Two guys on my team both have the RBK intermediate 5k skate. They both had heel seperating from the skate issues. Not the rivets but the part that the holder is riveted to coming apart from the boot.

One guy is about 6ft 8in and weighs 280lbs and the other guy is about 6ft 3in maybe and weighs about what I do which is 230-235lbs.

I should add that I have also had issues with the classic skate my whole life until recently. After about 5 years or so the heel unglues and seperates from the boot. I had a pair of Bauer Supreme 3000s do this as well as a couple of pair of CCM Tacks.

It is a heavy guy thing and have heard other people have the same problems. The composite skates seem to have an issue in their mid priced lines for big guys who are heavy with the part the holkder is attached to seperating from the boot.

I heard that the top end composite skates won't have this issue but like I said I do not trust that enough to buy such an expensive pair of skates yet.
It's not an issue at all. Big guys put a beating on skates, and when the best possible materials aren't used (i.e. mid range) that just compounds the problem. I won't go as far to say the top of the line skates won't break down, but they support and last better and longer then a mid range. The top of the line stuff is the best bet, but I'm not here to persuade, just inform.

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