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06-25-2009, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by GSC2k2 View Post
Actually, that is completely 100% incorrect with respect to that provision.

8.1(b) says, in its entirety:

(b) No member shall, directly or indirectly, loan money to or become a surety or guarantor for a player of any other member of the League.

That provision refers to loans to players. I assume that you must have misread the provision and confused "player of" with "player or".

I must add that, regardless of the constitution, non-disclosure by Leipold/Anschutz was not cool, but I just wanted to clarify the point and correct you on your reference to that paragraph.
You are correct. I misread the article. I read it as "for a player or any other member" but as you state it is "for a player of any other member."

I wonder if there are any other provisions concerning the matter.

BTW, something is either correct or incorrect. To say something is "completely 100% incorrect" is therefore unnecessary and redundant.


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