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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Also, those mid range skates are not composite skates. No RBK skate is, they're all conventional material. The cheapest composite skate is an Easton, the SE10 is the cheapest one piece composite boot you can get. It's glass fiber, not carbon or tellaxium like nicer skates are using though. Not as light because they have to use more of it to make it as strong as nicer composites. Easton also makes as low as the S7 with composites, that uses composite quarters instead of a one piece boot though.

Any rbk, any bauer below their top two models in each line, and any CCM but the pro models will not be a composite boot.

I would recommend a higher end boot. Something like the One95 that's known to be an absolute tank.
So the One95 is known to be durable for big guys. That is good to know ...

Yeah these guys like myself play in a men's league and I doubt they have any plans on spending $600 for a pair of skates. I know I won't ... I am using older closeout skates made more traditionally so if they give out in a couple of years or 5 years i don't care because I didn't spend a whole lot.

I researched the RBK5 and it uses a fiberglass portion where the holder is riveted instead of the composite good stuff like you said.

My new pair (Bauer Vapor 6 ... I own 2 pair now), these replace ones I had already, were in the $300 range in 2002 and I got them for $99 recently online. They are the stiffest skate I have ever owned, I got them heat molded and they fit wonderfly.

I would like to find a pair of Vapor 10s from 2002-03 at a closeout price. I am going to look around soon for some. Probably could find some for $150 or so someplace.

I really would love a $600 skate just for the light weightness of them, I picked up a top end pair of CCM skates and ONE skate weighed LESS than a pair of my new Easton Stealth hockey gloves.

I was very impressed to say the least ... I also spoke with an older guy of around 50 who was wearing some top end CCM skates and he said the weightlessness was truly amazing and they helped his game out being older and all with foot speed.

I wish I could get that from a $300 these days because I won't spend more than that. On top of all of this it would not deter me from buying something comfy but today's skates look stupid. I like the traditional look of hockey skates but that is a preference.

I liken it to guys who like Harley motorcycles and other who like the rice rockets. I want Harley skates.

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