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06-25-2009, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Willard View Post
Burke was perhaps more lucky than good in winning the Stanley Cup so fast with the Ducks. That's what a few of us will argue at least. Good deals he made magically turned into great deals, in such a fortunate and fast way that it was unanticipated by anyone, and Burke rode that wave to a Cup for the (around here) hated Ducks.

I think Burke's used up his quote-unquote "elite-GM" karma for a good long time. Now let him suffer for awhile I say.

Also I think everyone here is fed up with every Tom Dick and Harry NHL fan pestering Kings fans with proposal after proposal of a bunch of crumbs and barely-warm leftovers for the #5 overall.

At this point there's nothing I'd like more than to see the Kings keep the pick, take Schenn and the camera immediately cut to Burke's face.
Heh. I see.

Well, you guys have fun with all that, I guess.

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