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Originally Posted by bluumax View Post
thanks for the help, are the one95's a quite wide fitting skate then? i heard the x60's and xxxx are, which is definately a usefull thing, i got paddlefeet
One 95 is pretty wide, X60s are narrow but the depth was increased over the XXXX, but a pretty similar fit to those.

Oh, and hockeyfan, a lot of skates are using composite outsoles these days. It's lighter and it's stiffer, and it's pretty easy to manufacture a composite outsole. The thing is is thatit still has to be joined ot the rest of the boot, which is where if sounds like you're having problems. With something like a One95, it's all one piece there, there's not a join that's going to come apart.
Compare the joins on this:
to this:

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