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to add onto Headcoach...

goaing back into the 70's I had a swim coach who had been very versed in the Experimentations with mental visualization. In hte course of my training i had hit a wall in improving my times. A few sessions of the program described by HC broke down that wall, helping me again begin to reduce my times all around. Swimming IM and all four strokes in USA and AAU swimming, it was probably the single most influencial training I recieved, bring my times inline with the top 3% in the nation at that time.

The basic gist of the Russians was an experiment involving free throws. With two groups of evenly skilled players one was instructed to spend a specific amount of time on the court practicing free throws. The other group was to spend NO ON COURT TIME at this skill. They were to use a combination of PMR and mental visualization each evening. 20 minutes of trained PMR methodology and 30 minutes of mental visualization of free throws. After a period of two weeks both groups were brought on court with each player performing 10 free throw. The group who ONLY practiced with PMR and mental visualization made a much higher percentage of their shots than those who practiced on court.

It would go with out saying that the imagery that you use will be very critical. At the start of your program it is important to visualize with a slowed down perspective. "SEE" each step in your skill set using correct tech. Speed it up in your mind as you progress. Those of you who have stronger mental visualization skills will gain good benefit. How are you at reading? When you have a book your reading that you enjoy, do you see the story unfold in your minds eye as you read? If the answer is yes, you will gain much great results from this program. For those who do not you will need to spend more time with this to get the same results.

Prior to beggining your mental visualization it is KEY to get yourself in the correct frame of mind. PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) is the best way to get into that "zone". I dont want to make this a very long post so i will leave it at doing a search for PMR with google or your fav. search engine. Add 20-25 minutes of this prior to your mental visualization and you will see dramatic improvement. Particularly for those long stretches or times when you do not have access to ice. It is quite amazing how much "rust" you can prevent from sticking to you during an off-season.

on a side note...if your not feeling success with PRM or are unsure, further search methods of "self-hypnosis" and the methods used for preperation. PMR goes hand in hand with it. specific to slumping goaltenders....DO NOT START TINKERING WITH YOUR GAME. Return to the basic fundamentals of the position such as stance and your basic movement drills. The rest will fall back in line.

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