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06-26-2009, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Duck Fan View Post
From my name you can tell that I follow the Ducks. I don't understand all the postings that say the Kings are interested in Heatly for Brown plus the 5th pick. They must be smoking something really powerful. In my opiniion Brown is a much better player, has more character, is a leader, and does not asked to be traded every other year. Anyone who think Lombardi will even ertertain even a straight up trade is crazy.
I don't think you can say Brown is a much better on-ice player...quite the opposite actually.

If there are absolute untouchables on the Kings they are Doughty and Brown. Doughty because his potential is endless, and Brown because he took a pretty big hometown discount to keep his family here. Nobody has Kings on their butt more than Brown. He participates in about every off-season function and is the face of the Kings. Trading Brown would forever sink the reputation of DL and the Kings. It just won't happen.

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