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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Those look to be leather and fabric.

Let's just put it this way. Those probably have the same relation as a ford model T and a 2009 mustang. Yeah, they're from the same company, but dear god have things changed.

If they're in good shape, they would still be usable, but they won't offer near the protection, weight and stiffness that a modern not even top end vapor would provide. Composite materials have allowed hockey equipment to move at leaps and bounds instead of just plodding along with new little quirks made with the same traditional materials. Composites are lighter, stiffer, and stronger. Modern foams can form a skate to your foot and hold their shape for a permanent, instant custom fit. Some new modern composites now form to your foot in the same baking process and retain all their properties when cool for an even more custom fit- You'll find those in the One95 and X60.

A vapor 40 is lightyears ahead of that skate.

Not disagreeing with you, but I'm curious. Have you personally worn those older vapors? The reason I ask, is because you said they look like fabric and leather. The skate actually has a full composite outsole, although it may not be as good as the newer vapors, the boot is very stiff as it is. Honestly, holding the skates up to some of the newer models, and comparing weight/construction etc, the only tangible difference I noticed was the toe caps - looks like they finally quit putting nylon on them that tears after being on the ice 3 times. I could be way off though, I just couldn't see or feel a huge difference between them to justify buying a new pair.

Thanks for the reply.

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