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10-15-2004, 08:13 AM
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It's a shame...

that us fans can't get a real analysis of the proposal by the NHLPA (confidentiality agreements apparently prohibit this). What I'd actually like to see is the Players' team-by-team analysis of how their plan benefits. Meaning, what does it mean to Calgary, et al, as I believe the players' proposal was based on looking at each team's financial situation and proposing a solution that is somewhat tailored to them. In other words, I believe, it's not meant to wipe-out $223 million in annual losses (letting the Rangers' $40 million loss, and I believe St. Louis' $25 million and Chicago (all three which may account for nearly 1/2 of the entire league's loss)), but it's meant to keep the league in good health, drag salaries somewhat, and help out the smaller market teams in their quest for UFAs. And personally, I think it would be tough to make a league where 30+ teams are profitable. It would be a nice world we would live in if profits were nearly guaranteed, but it is fantasyland.

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